Skinny Lemon Stix


Bella 14 Day Fat Burning Detox Tea helps with Hunger Support, its dietary supplement clinically shown to reduce food intake and helps you to eat less and wait longer between meals. You can drink it hot or cold, in the morning or afternoon. Our tea promotes healthy digestion, sheds water weight and, relieves uncomfortable gas, and deflates your belly. It’s a great new weight loss option that makes it convenient to take on the go.


INGREDIENTS/ INGREDIENTESSkinny Tea lElon blend  extract, Green tea polyphenol, Oolong tea extract, Ginger extract, Pomegranate powder, Goji berry, Guarana extract, Horsetail Stem extract, Buchu leaf L-carnitine, Couch grass rhizome, Hydrangea root, Juniper berry, Uva leaf, Cornsilk stylus, Honey.

Directions: A cup of Skinny Tea every morning. Pour 8-12 oz. of hot water/ice cold  1 Instant tea packet. Try varying the water to get a favorite strength and flavor of your cup) Shelf life: 365 Days